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Water Mains and Directional Boring

Are you having issues with your water mains? Then you need to consider the expert service of Drennan Septic Service & Excavating Inc. We can work on any sized water main and at reasonable rates. If your property is affected by a broken water main, we are the business for you!

Water Main Services



Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal

Licensed, bonded, and insured

Over 32 years of experience, call now

Are you in need of extensive water main repair or replacement?  Are you hoping to excavate and leave your property undisturbed? Then call the experts at Drennan Septic Service & Excavating, Inc. We offer quality service at a competitive price. Give us a call!

  • Water Main Taps (1/2”-12”)

  • Steel and Plastic Mains

  • Pressure and Bacteria Testing

  • Water Main Testing

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Directional Boring

  • Electrical Lines

  • Gas Lines

  • Water Services

  • Sewer Lines

  • On Grade Sewer Lines